I am a Boy Scout working on a Merit Badge requiring me to write an editor of my local newspaper, so I decided to take this opportunity to voice my opinion on a matter from the December 6th issue. Though I am not yet of voting age, cybersecurity and personal privacy are of great importance to me because I believe that just as the Fourth amendment prevents the government from knowing private citizens’ personal information, no one else should be able to look at others’ private information. Therefore, it would be a natural job of the government to protect and encourage protection of citizens’ privacy. This is especially important during an election as convoluted and more than likely botched as this year’s. My brother was actually among the people who were compromised, and this was his first year of voting. Even though the information was ptrobably used for propaganda, it is possible that in the future that information could be used to cast false ballots.

Garrett Spillers,


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