Al Gross is running some deceptive and grossly misleading advertisements attacking Senator Dan Sullivan on his stance on the Pebble Project. I would like to clear the air.

I was Senator Sullivan’s Deputy Commissioner during his time as the Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources. I recently finished a 30-year career at the Department, where I served under 17 different commissioners. Dan was one of the best. He was not beholden to any special interests, and he based all of his decisions on what was best for the people of Alaska. We are fortunate to have him as our US Senator, and we must elect him again. It takes far more than boating skills and shooting bears to protect Alaska’s interests as a US Senator.

In one of his ads, Mr. Gross infers that Dan “permitted” the Pebble Mine. Well, I have news for you Al. There is no Pebble Mine. If you don’t believe me, go out and take a look for yourself. It is not there. Pebble did not submit any mine permit applications while Dan was at the Department, and in fact, has not submitted any mine permit applications to the Department to this day.

Senator Sullivan is a man of the utmost integrity, and he has strong base of experience that is hard to match. Not only was he a DNR Commissioner, but he was our Attorney General, a U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, and has had an impressive military career, including the serving as the Commanding Officer of the Delta Company Anti-Terrorism Unit. If I were a bear, Dan would be the last person I would mess with.

Ed Fogels,


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