To the editor:

The bike path along the railroad right of way in Palmer needs to be extended from Arctic Ave. to Eagle Street. This should have been done twenty some years ago when the first portion was built. DOT grossly mismanaged the project, took over six years to get it to bid, so we lost about half the value. The section from Arctic to Eagle was deferred to a later date. That date is now. Here’s why. The city controls the property. There are no utilities involved other than some minor lighting. The work is straightforward--clearing, track removal, grading, constructing the bike path, landscaping, minor amenities (like benches, etc.), minor lighting and construction of additional parking at the Eagle St. end. That area is already a “trailhead” for the popular Matanuska River trail. The job is small enough to attract multiple bidders meaning a good price. There would be no public opposition. The City has the means to finance the project, and there are likely to be other significant funders to share the costs. All this project needs is an advocate. Anyone willing to step up?

Tony Pippel

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Ashland, Oregon

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