To the people of Alaska: We would like to share some information about Susan Carney, who is a judge on the Alaska Supreme Court, an active member of our community, an engaged parent and prominent supporter of our schools, and a member of our city league basketball team for over 20 years. Susan and her husband Pete raised two children in a loving family and healthy household. Their children learned about a person’s responsibility to their school, their community, and their nation and grew into productive members of our society. Sue has been a wonderfully engaged member of our community participating in “We the People”, the Alaska Senior Games, community presentations and discussions, and hosting classes from the university, middle, and high schools as they strive to understand our government system. Plus, in basketball, she can really drive through the key, which should be a basic expectation of every judge.

We can attest to Susan’s honesty, integrity, humanity, and fairness. Susan has been involved in our community and engaged in the Alaska legal system for over 30 years. She is widely respected for her hard work and diligence in performing her duties, for her knowledge of the law, and her respect for the Constitution of the State of Alaska. The Alaska Judicial Council evaluated Justice Carney’s performance in office and by unanimous decision found that she met or exceeded all performance standards and recommends she be retained in office (

Alaska needs judges like Susan. We need judges who are good people and decent human beings, who base their decisions on the law and justice, and not on politics. Susan is an honorable and just person who will continue to serve our state and nation well. Please recognize Susan’s contributions to the law and vote to retain her seat on the Alaska Supreme Court in the General Election on November 3.

Ann’s Greenhouses Basketball Team: Linda Dolney, Roberta Ferree, Nancy Hanson, Melanie Hinzman, Diane Hutchison, Shannon Jones, Sharon McLeod, Denise Wallace, Linda Walsh, Tricia Wurtz

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