By To the editor:

Included in the rebuild of the Glenn Highway through Palmer was the planting of literally hundreds of relatively mature trees alongside the roads. DOT is required to maintain the trees for one year. I doubt that tree maintenance is on the top of their agenda so adequate watering may not be in the cards. Seeing as most of these trees are within the City of Palmer, and seeing as the State has spent a small fortune in taxpayer money to transplant them, and seeing as each of these large trees probably cost several hundred dollars apiece, and seeing as newly transplanted trees, particularly larger ones, need extra water and fertilizer for at least two years to allow them to reestablish their root system, and seeing as many of these trees will die for lack of basic maintenance, the City of Palmer should have a three year maintenance plan for these new trees and should appropriate the money to implement it. Watering and mowing is a low cost, seasonal operation; it will not cost much. And after three years the trees will survive without additional watering. It would be an absolute crying shame if these trees were neglected and allowed to die off. Please contact the City and let them know that you support some additional funding for tree maintenance.

Tony Pippel

Ashland, Oregon

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