To the editor:

Not every political leader has the power to enact laws or dictate our freedoms, but a good leader in any capacity can unite a community by their very presence. There is strength and power in unity and a unified community can effect change!

We are experiencing turbulent times in our beloved state. We see leaders lying and breaking laws. Uncertainty, fear and discontent are becoming frequent topics of conversation; with questions and concerns about loyalties, intentions, and ethics violations from the political spectrum.

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The people of Alaska want to elect those they can count on, who care about our future. We want to trust those tasked with making decisions or representing our interests. Leaders who are sincere and objective, reasonable, who understand that the needs we have today will exist in the future and we must have the means to support our state. Leaders who will work together towards common goals and make fiscally sound decisions.

This is why, when we encounter authority figures who exhibit moral clarities and integrity, they stand out, their character shines like a beacon. We must stand up and support, edify and uplift these leaders.

I admit, I say these words with obvious intentions or I would not be writing to you; but, I feel compelled to remind you that we know someone who is upright and just and leads with conviction. Her name is Edna and she goes by ‘The Mayor of Palmer.’

I can say that she exemplifies all that is good because I worked with her for many years and experienced firsthand the way she treats people, the thought that goes into her words, her kindness and genuine spirit. I watched her live her values and invest her time to help the community. She is smart and her wisdom and principles are an invaluable asset.

Edna has the discernment, business experience, and political knowledge you need. She is a former Council Member, Assembly Member, State Senator, and has held the title of Mayor for both the Mat-Su Borough and Palmer. She has a servant’s heart and truly is someone you can trust.

So, stand with me and say, “I’m with Edna” and vote to re-elect her on Tuesday, October 1st.

Iris West

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