After leading Houston to its first state football title in school history, a handful of Hawks have been recognized by the Alaska Football Coaches Association.

Houston quarterback Gavin Mulhaney was named the Division III Offensive Player of the Year. Sophomore Kiderro Fono was named the Division III Lineman of the Year. Houston’s Glenn Nelson was named Division III Coach of the Year, and defensive coordinator Jared Barrett garnered the Division III Assistant Coach of the Year honor.

Mulhaney and Fono were among a half-dozen Hawks to earn first-team all-state honors. Fono and Owen Mulhaney were named first-team on both sides of the ball. Fono earned first-team honors at offensive tackle and defensive line. Owen Mulhaney was named first-team all-state at running back and outside linebacker.

At running back, Owen Mulhaney finished the season with 1,584 yards and 29 touchdowns. Gavin Mulhaney had more than 1,000 yards of total offense, with 579 yards rushing and 464 yards passing.

Guard Ezra Fono also earned first-team honors on the offensive line. Defensive lineman Jeremiah Barrett and defensive back Talupo Falaniko were also named to the first-team.

Runnng back Jaden Spaulding and defensive lineman Isaac Carlson-Hamo represented Redington on the Division III first-team.

The Wasilla Warriors also had a player who earned a major honor. Junior Colton Lindquist was named the Division I Utility Player of the Year. Lindquist started six games at quarterback and the final two at running back on offense, and eight games at defensive back. He was also Wasilla’s punter and punt returner. On offense, Lindquist finished with 1,332 total yards and 12 total touchdowns. He led Wasilla with 844 yards rushing and seven touchdowns, and averaged 6.7 yards per carry. He threw for 453 yards and four touchdowns, and added 35 yards receiving and a touchdown catch.

A pair of Palmer Moose earned first-team all-state honors at the Division II level. Duston Corbin was named first-team at outside linebacker, and Brady Shults was first-team all-state at long snapper.

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Alaska Football Coaches Association All-State Teams

Division IPlayer of the Year: Dhar Montalbo, West

Offensive Player of the Year: Henry Helgeson, Service

Defensive Player of the Year: Connor O’Farrell, Service

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Alani Makihele, West

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Kymani Vaivai, East

Utility Player of the Year: Colton Lindquist, Wasilla

Coach of the Year: Walter Harmon, South

Assistant of the Year: Dana Curtis, South

First-team offense:

Quarterback — Jacob Scott, Service; Josh Stoltz, West; Running back — Kalani Medeiros, East; Carter Weber-Thomas, South; Niko Fa’amasino, West; Elijah Lilo, Bartlett; Wide receiver — Quincy Heartwell-McKoy, South; Henry Helgeson, Service; Dhar Montalbo, West; Tight end — George Mageo, East; Offensive line — Connor Lane, Service; Alani Makihele, West; Elisaia Silvra-Manu, East; Pedro Timoteo, East; Iolana Haines, Bartlett.

First-team defense:

Defensive line — Bryan Ochoa, South; Loa Vahaakolo, East; Jack Moore, South; Kymani Vaivai, East; Austin Harr, Chugiak; Inside linebacker — Connor O’Farrell, Service; George Mageo, East; Kelia Suka, West; Cooper Kriegmont, Juneau; Outside linebacker — Lalo Sheck, East; Niko Fa’amasino, West; Defensive back — Jordan Holland, East; Ethan Harrison, Service; Dhar Montalbo, West; Jayden Heartwell-McCoy.

First-team special teams:

Kicker — Josh Rolston, Chugiak; Punter — Josh Rolston, Chugiak; Kick returner — Jayden Heartwell-McCoy, South; Long snapper — Jackson Eschenlohr, Service.

Second-team offense:

Quarterback — Noah Chambers, Juneau; Running back — Ali Beya, Juneau; Colton Lindquist, Wasilla; Gaby Soto, Junuea; Ridge Raval, Colony; Tyler Huffer, Chugiak; Wide receiver — Mallyk Davis, West; Hunter Sasser, Colony; Tight end — Joshua Ellis, Bartlett; Offensive line — Landon Maloney, South; Collin Caldwell, Chugiak; Devin Carney, Wasilla; Marcos Yadao, Juneau.

Second-team defense:

Defensive line — Jace Tragmoe, Colony; Andrew Devine, Wasilla; Cole Jensen, Juneau; Loto Manogiamanu, Bartlett; Inside linebacker — Sebastian O’Farrell, Service; Aaron Mira, West; Christian Beesing, Chugiak; Outside linebacker — Kody Carlson, Chugiak; Defensive back — Elijah Lewis-Tufi, Bartlett; Jacob Oshesky, Chugiak; Ridge Raval, Colony; Wallace Adams, Juneau.

Division II

Offensive Player of the Year: Jersey Truesdell, Soldotna

Defensive Player of the Year: Galen Brantley III, Soldotna

Lineman of the Year: Melvin Lloyd, Soldotna

Utility Player of the Year: Wyatt Medcoff, Soldotna

Coach of the Year: Norm Davis, West Valley

Assistant Coach of the Year: Nathan Zody, Lathrop

First-team offense:

Quarterback — Jace Henry, Lathrop; Jersey Truesdell, Soldotna; Running back — Justin Cummings, West Valley; Aaron Faletoi, Soldotna; Fullback — Wyatt Medcoff, Soldotna; Wide receiver — Jhon Rones, Lathrop; Avery Weston, West Valley; Tight end — Galen Brantley III, Soldotna; Tackle — Melvin Lloyd, Soldotna; Danny Panama, Lathrop; Guard — AJ Olo, Lathrop; Trent Walden, Soldotna; Center — Hunter Beck, Kenai.

First-team defense:

Defensive line — Melvin Lloyd, Soldotna; Markeith Matthews, Lathrop; Brock Weatherspoon, North Pole; Zach Ziegler, Soldotna; Outside linebacker — Duston Corbin, Palmer; Hudson Metcalf, Soldotna; Inside linebacker — Galen Brantley III, Soldotna; Aaron Faletoi, Soldotna; Josiah Opp, Lathrop; Defensive back — Wyatt Medcoff, Soldotna; Jhon Rones, Lathrop; Jersey Truesdell, Soldotna; Avery Weston, West Valley.

First-team special teams:

Long snapper — Brady Shults, Palmer; Kicker — Jersey Truesdell, Soldotna; Punter — Justin Anderson, Kenai; Return specialist — Wyatt Medcoff, Soldotna.

Second-team offense:

Running back — Lavar Marshall, Palmer; Hudson Metcalf, Soldotna; Fullback — Duston Corbin, Palmer; Wide receiver — Alex Garcia, North Pole; Braedon Pitsch, Kenai; Tight end — Ethan Bleakney, Palmer; Tackle — Josh Avega-Miguel, Kodiak; Brock Weatherspoon, North Pole; Guard — Dylan Hose, Palmer; Justice Roy, Soldotna; Center — Wyatt Nelson, Lathrop.

Second-team defense:

Defensive line — Hunter Beck, Kenai; Ray Chmley, Soldotna; Isaiah Legget, West Valley; Tyler Linder, Palmer; Josh Miguel, Kodiak; Outside linebacker — Keegan Daoust, West Valley; Edgee Ocampo, Kodiak; Tucker Vann, Kenai; Inside linebacker — Jayden Christiansen, Palmer; Aaron Conwell, West Valley; Jose Martinez, Kodiak; Defensive back — Tyriq Luke, Lathrop; Vince Mangrobang, Kodiak; Braedon Pitsch, Kenai; Dawson VanTassel, Palmer; Andre Williams, Lathrop.

Second-team specialist:

Long snapper — Dylan Zurflueh, Kodiak; Kicker — Skyler Denny, North Pole; Punter — Jake Golden, West Valley; Return specialist — Vince Mangrobang, Kodiak; Avery Weston, West Valley; Utility player — Finn Hill, Lathrop

Division III

Offensive Player of the Year: Gavin Mulhaney, Houston

Defensive Player of the Year: L’Juan Diaz, Barrow

Lineman of the Year: Kiderro Fono, Houston

Coach of the Year: Glenn Nelson, Houston

Assistant Coach of the Year: Jared Barrett, Houston

First-team offense:

Quarterback — Gavin Mulhaney, Houston; Running back — Owen Mulhaney, Houston; Jaden Spaulding, Redington; Fullback — Will McManus, Eielson; Wide receiver — Mike Eiter, Nikiski; Jefferson Nobleza, Barrow; Tight end — Zoltan Holmly, Eielson; Tackle — Kiderro Fono, Houston; Logan Anderson, Valdez; Guard — Ezra Fono, Houston; Caleb Gum, Eielson; Center — Devean Onega, Barrow.

First-team defense:

Defensive line — Kiderro Fono, Houston; Jeremiah Barrett, Houston; Isaac Carlson-Hamo, Redington; Charlie Tuai, Barrow; Inside linebacker — L’Juan Diaz, Barrow; Payton DeVaughn, Eielson; Outside linebacker — Zoltan Holmly, Eielson; Owen Mulhaney, Houston; Defensive back — Domnick Reyes, Barrow; Talupo Falaniko, Houston; Sam Berry, Nikiski.

First-team special teams:

Kicker — Jordan Higbee, Monroe; Punter — Mike Eiter, Nikiski; Long snapper — Mason Muramoto, Monroe; Kick returner — Zoltan Holmly, Eielson; Utility player — Tate Chadwick, Valdez.

Second-team offense:

Quarterback — Payton DeVaughn, Eielson; Running back — Michael Nysing, Nikiski; Micah Serino, Barrow; Fullback — Kennedy Fono, Houston; Wide receiver — Carter Tennison, Homer; Jordan Higbee, Monroe; Tight end — Frances Mose, Houston; Tackle — Josh Manwhiller, Homer; Mason Brouillet, Redington; Guard — Christian Mattson, Redington; Cileb Payne, Nikiski; Center — Jack Allison, Houston.

Second-team defense:

Defensive line — Jayrick Nobleza, Barrow; Nicholas Lilomaiva, Barrow; Koleman McCaughey, Nikiski; Carter Tennison, Homer; Inside linebacker — Calieb Payne, Nikiski; Josh Manwhiller, Homer; Outside linebacker — Gavin Mulhaney, Houston; Javon Pau, Redington; Defensive back — Collin Mullaly, Seward; Jahzeah Williams, Redington; Jefferson Nobleza, Barrow.

Second-team special teams:

Kicker — Michael Mysing, Nikiski; Punter — Jordan Higbee, Monroe; Long snapper — Andrew Mulligan, Seward; Kick returner — Anthony Kalugin, Homer; Utility player — Jordan Sewell, Seward.

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