Our Family the Bunkers, migrated from Jackson Michigan to Willow Alaska in 1960. We settled in the pristine Deception Creek Valley, 4 miles above the end of 4 Mile Road on Deception Creek. The area teemed with Fish & Wildlife, and we Proved up on 3, 80 acre homesteads.

About 20 + years ago Fish & Game installed a Fish Killing Weir at the end of 4 mile Rd. Every King Salmon was slaughtered, their eggs & spawn removed, and carcasses thrown back in the creek. The eggs were taken to a hatchery on Ship Creek in Anchorage, and the hatched Salmon used to stock other creeks in the area, including Deception. After a few years, the salmon have been reprogrammed, & will no longer go above the end of 4 mile road. We went to F&G, and ask them to not put the weir in this spring, because they had ruined the whole Eco system. We also presented a plan for us locals to take salmon fry & smolt, from the natural raised salmon, down stream, and reintroduce up stream to repair the Eco system. They threatened me with a $10k fine, and turned me down when I submitted a permit form to fix their mess. Quote, “The department currently has no concerns over the fish populations in upper Deception Creek”! “There is no reason to believe habitats in upper Deception Creek have changed to the detriment of production in recent years.”

First our fish all disappeared, and then the bears ate all our moose calf’s, & cows. We are finding our cows carcasses with their whole face nose torn off clear to their ears.

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We have turned in a petition to F&G with 150 people wanting this weir removed. Why Does F&G have the right to destroy the whole Eco system of Deception Creek?

In 2018, they only collected 19,000 eggs, and decided to not restock any of these smolt back in Deception, but are placing them in the Eclutna Tralrace sport fishery!

Shame on you Fish & Game

Gary Calhoun,

Deception Creek Eco System Restoration Committee

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